Create Your Own Aluminum Pick Guard

Any Shape and Any Size

There are a few ways to upload your pick guard design for production:

Option 1:  If you have the ability to draw your shape or design using a program like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, or another vector type program, create a to scale vector drawing of the pick guard and upload the design at checkout.  

Option 2:  Draw out your design to scale on paper, and email a scanned copy of your hand drawn design. Step 1.  Draw a box on the paper slightly larger than your design.  It is extremely important that you write the exact dimensions of the box along the edges of the box.  This is required for us to scale the drawing to the exact size of your guard, since emails do not always transmit in the exact size.  Step 2.  Draw your exact layout indicating the cutouts and  any mounting holes for screws.  Step 3. Add details to the email regarding colour and finish.  You can also upload a photograph to image onto the pick guard.  The photograph can be an actual picture or texture.

NOTE:  With option 2 we will return a scaled image for you to print off and check on your guitar body.  You can approve your artwork/design/color as well. Approval is required before we run the actual piece.