Telecaster pick guard for customization


Telecaster pick guard for customization

The Iconic Telecaster deserves to be embellished with a personal touch, and what better way to feature your style, than with a Telecaster pick guard for customization of your guitar.  Featured here are a variety of materials to help you create a pickguard for the Telecaster design. Use this Telecaster Pick Guard in aluminum or mild steel, copper, stainless steel, plastics and acrylics, wood, or use a graphic design or photo to create a personalized look and feel.  The Telecaster Pick Guards can also be customized or custom shaped.  If you would like us to create a completely custom piece please review other sections of this site specifically dedicated to customized.

Want a special quote for your own design?  Upload your special instructions and/or artwork for for a quoted custom piece.  include in your request the type of pick guard and send us colours and techniques requested.

Creating your own piece can be both gratifying and can show off your personality. A Telecaster pick guard for customization is a great way to display your design, so we’re here to help with some great DYI tips and tricks for using you Telecaster pick guard for customization.  Check out some decorating techniques tips and tricks offered on the youtube channel at:  This channel features a large selection of DYI videos dedicated  to guitar enthusiasts, as well, it has a number of videos showing specific techniques for painting and detailing for all types of projects.

You can upload your special instructions and quote requests at the bottom of the cart page



So you want to personalize your project because you have some cool ideas on how you want to create your own look with a Telecaster pick guard for customization.  These manufactured pick guards are based on a standard shape for the Telecaster style of guitar. Protect the face of your guitar by putting a pick guard on the face.  If you are going to use a pick guard, why just use a stock or standard pick guard. Custom shapes are available on this site as well, but the standard shapes can be finished with so many variations it can end up being your own customized piece.   They are produced of a variety of materials perfect for you to take and customize to your own design and finish. The Telecaster pick guard for customization is available in a variety of  pieces that are supplied as raw material which allows you to customize these items to your requirements. Use these blank pick guards for your DYI projects, or refurbish your guitar with something fresh and new.

We have some great ideas for your project that you can find on  Brad’s you tube channel.  To check out Brad’s youtube channel, check out :


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Aluminum, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Photo Metal, Acrylic, Wood, Special quote Request


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